EasyTank™ (RT) Recovery Receivers


YORK EasyTank™ recovery receivers for use with the RecoveryPak portable recovery and recycling units are used for containing, recovering and recycling refrigerant for a variety of installations and sites that demand a cost effecting and flexible refrigerant recovery technology.  Vessels are designed and stamped in accordance with ASME code.  Horizontal vessels are sloped toward the drain for promoting liquid removal and include inlet and outlet valves and connections for easily transferring the refrigerant rapidly and safely.  Units include pressure gauge, sight glasses, relief valves, float cut-off swithc, heaters, and wheels.  Standard and custom capacities are available to fit every application.

EasyTank™ (RT) Recovery Receivers


Unit Accessories

  • Caster Wheels Included.
  • Permanent Ball Valves for Refrigerant Serviceability.


  • Refrigerant containment while servicing chiller to prohibit venting & simplify Clean Air Act compliance.
  • Vessel pitched toward receiver drain allowing total liquid removal.
  • Standard 1-year parts warranty.
  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Stamped.


Technical data chart
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