Providing HVAC Solutions Across Industries

Resolute Industrial can supply all of your industrial HVAC rental needs across a wide spectrum of industries.  This includes water cooled chillers, air handlers, cooling towers and air conditioners.  We are also the preferred source for York screw and reciprocating compressors, both new and re-manufactured, as well has York brand refrigerant recovery units.

Industries We Serve


Healthcare HVAC Systems

In the Healthcare industry, failure of your HVAC system can be catastrophic, and fast turn around times are a must.  Resolute Industrial has 5 strategically located depots throughout North America to provide urgent cooling needs when you need it.

Manufacturing HVAC Systems

Whether it is a planned shut down or sudden failure of critical HVAC equipment, Resolute Industrial tailors the solution to your specific requirements and in most cases can provide you a choice of alternatives to meet your unique cooling objectives.

Telecommunications and Data Center HVAC Systems

Keeping your sensitive computer and electronic equipment in a properly conditioned environment is critical.  HVAC equipment failure can mean costly downtime for a world that increasingly relies on access to important data.  Resolute Industrial can provide quick turn around times to get your servers and telecommunication equipment the cooling they urgently need.