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When Patient Care Comes First, Trust In Your Medical HVAC System

We at Resolute Industrial know the importance of a high quality, functioning HVAC systems for a medical facility. When focusing on the health of your patients, an HVAC system should serve to provide comfort and maximize the efficiency of your Healthcare clinic. Your HVAC system needs to have the versatility to provide climate controlled environments suitable for lab settings, patient areas, and sterile environments alike. As well as the ability to facilitate patient care needs like comfortability or proper storage of supplies. Resolute industrial can provide the consistency and control that you need from your medical HVAC system.


Resolute Industrial’s Commitment to HVAC for Healthcare Facilities

We recognize that with a functioning Healthcare facility comes specific medical heating and cooling needs. Resolute ensures efficient installation of your medical HVAC system. We check and test each system before shipment through each step of install to get rid of any hiccups in the process. This means your healthcare HVAC system can be up and running with little to no interruptions to patient care. We also provide emergency service for any unexpected technical difficulties. Our strategic locations are suitable for delivery and service for all of North America. We take pride in being able to service the Healthcare Industry with quality HVAC systems that help you help patients.


Full Range of HVAC Service for Medical Facilities, Healthcare Clinics, and Hospitals

When it comes to medical HVAC systems, service and maintenance are just as important as the quality of the system. We provide a full range of service and upkeep for healthcare HVAC systems. We provide both long-term scheduled maintenance as well as short-term emergency repairs a rentals. This includes scheduled equipment downtime as well as unplanned outages. HVAC systems for healthcare clinics often require supplemental heating or cooling, which we have readily available for installation. And finally, dehumidification when necessary.

If you are in need of an HVAC system for your medical facility, contact us today and we will work with you throughout the entirety of your system’s useful life!


Medical HVAC System Solutions | Resolute Industrial

We at Resolute Industrial know the importance of a high quality, functioning HVAC systems for a medical facility. Contact us today about your healthcare HVAC needs.

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