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With the Fastest Refrigerant Recovery Rates in the Industry, We Minimize Your Critical Downtime.

When your chillers or cooling systems are down for service, either scheduled or emergency, you need a fast-working Refrigerant Storage & Recovery (RSR) system you can depend on every time. That’s why companies across the nation rely on Resolute Industrial to provide refrigerant handling and recovery solutions for all their refrigerant-dependent systems.

Resolute Industrial is the sole source for YORK® brand Refrigerant Storage and Recovery (RSR) units. In fact, our RSR business unit is the result of our corporate acquisition of the respected Johnson Controls YORK® brand RSR business. Resolute Industrial continues to be the proud provider of all YORK® brand RSR units and continues to manufacture these products to the same exacting standards and with the same processes loyal YORK® brand customers have come to trust.

We Have the Right Products to Keep Your Systems Running Right On Schedule.

We specialize in safe and speedy on-site commercial refrigerant recovery systems. Our YORK® brand RSR units have set the quality standard in refrigerant recovery for years and are installed and used in plants throughout the world. We manufacture a wide variety of self-contained refrigerant recovery units in multiple sizes and capacities that can accommodate a variety of refrigerants. In addition to our standard product offerings, we can design and build custom RSR units to meet particular pumping and storage specifications. Click here to view our full list of standard models and specifications.

Certified to the Highest Standards.

Proper refrigerant recovery is important for the health of our environment and it is also strictly regulated by Federal law. Resolute Industrial is expert in providing cost-effective solutions and can help you find the right certified equipment for responsible refrigerant management. By law, recovered refrigerants can only be reused in the system it was recovered from, or another system from the same equipment owner. Refrigerant reclamation is a completely different process whereby the refrigerant is reprocessed using specialized machinery and then tested to meet purity specifications before being reused in any system. We can recommend the equipment that works best for you.

When Speed Counts, We Deliver.
Your business can’t afford unnecessary downtime. So we maintain ready-to-ship stock on most of our standard chiller and HVAC refrigerant recovery products, with up to 4,000 pounds storage tanks available for your immediate needs. Custom-designed commercial units require lead times from six to ten weeks, depending on the specialized components that might be required. All our RSR units are precision-built in a dedicated cell at our Indianapolis manufacturing facility. Each product undergoes thorough testing before shipping to your location. Contact Resolute Industrial to learn more.

Minimize Downtime


Refrigerant Recovery Services & Storage


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