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We’ve Built a Quality Reputation for Remanufacturing High-Quality Compressors.

If your business relies on the famous YORK ® brand for air conditioning or refrigeration, you can rely on Resolute Industrial to be your partner in keeping things running efficiently with high quality remanufactured air compressors. In fact, we are your best choice for remanufactured ac compressor and remanufactured refrigeration compressors. Why? Because Resolute Industrial is the exclusive OEM authorized source for remanufactured YORK ® screw compressors for YORK ® air cooled chillers and the preferred source for all YORK ® reciprocating compressors. We also remanufacture the YR line of YORK ® screw compressors for water cooled chillers. In addition to Resolute Industrial’s remanufactured offerings, the company also manufactures fully new screw compressors for any of our remanufactured screw compressor model offerings.

Legendary YORK ® dependability and Resolute Industrial dependability are one in the same. That’s because our compressor business was formed as a result of the acquisition of the Johnson Controls YORK ® brand compressor remanufacturing business. We continue to manufacture and remanufacture to the same exacting standards in effect under the original Johnson Controls/YORK ® ownership, using only factory-approved parts and engineering-certified processes.

Our Remanufactured Products Are Tested to Be the Best Before We Put Our Name on It.

There’s a big difference between rebuilt air conditioning compressors or reconditioned ac compressors and our remanufactured products. Rebuilt compressors may consist of used components from other similar compressors, resulting in possible uneven wear and ultimately premature failure. Our remanufacturing process demands a complete tear down of every returned compressor.

As part of our quality control, each part is rigorously inspected to determine suitability for reconditioning and reuse. Only compressor parts passing this critical inspection process are ever reused. Otherwise new parts are used to complete the components needed for a remanufactured Resolute Industrial compressor. All our remanufactured compressors undergo a thorough bench testing procedure to assure that they are ready for service and the records of every test are maintained at our manufacturing facility.

We are so confident in the quality of our remanufactured products that we offer the same warranty as our new compressors. Extended warranties can also be purchased for both re-manufactured and new products. We’re proud of our products and proud to set the bar for quality for YORK ® remanufactured compressors.

Click here for a full listing of models offered and to view a description of our re-manufacturing process.

When Your Compressor Stops Running, We’re Ready to Roll.

Resolute Industrial understands the urgency and importance of critical compressor replacement. That’s what drives our commitment to exceptional quality and dependable availability. We maintain ready-to-ship shelf stock on most of our screw compressor and reciprocating compressor models in order to quickly respond to customer needs for emergency repair. We also maintain a sufficient parts stock to turn around any orders for non-stocked compressors, generally in a matter of days. Compressors used in decades-old YORK ® chillers may take longer to supply due to scarcity of key components but we are here to help provide solutions.

Give Resolute Industrial a call when you need the best in remanufactured compressors. We’ll find the right compressor for your needs, have it securely skidded and packaged and on its way, damage free and ready to run.





Compressor rebuilds 1Model DXS – New and remanufactured compressors
  • 55 – 115 Tons
  • Compressor Type: Air Cooled Twin Screw
  •  Voltages: 200, 230, 380, 460, 575


Compressor rebuilds 2Model MTS – New and remanufactured compressors
  • 70 – 120 Tons
  • Compressor Type: Air Cooled Twin Screw
  • Voltages 400, 460, 575 @ 200hz, 400, 460 @ 240hz
  • Chiller Model: YCAV, YCIV


Compressor rebuilds 3Model CTS – New compressors
  • 70 – 220 Tons
  • Compressor Type: Air Cooled Twin Screw
  • Voltages 400, 460, 575 @ 200hz, 400, 460 @ 240hz
  • Chiller Model: YVAA
Compressor rebuilds 4Model T0,T1,T2,T3 – Remanufactured
  • Tonnage Range
    • T0  185-250
    • T1  225-300
    • T2  270-370
    • T3  320-435
  • Voltages, 200, 230, 460, 575 @60Hz Also Available 380/400, 415 @50Hz
  • Chiller Model: YR




Compressor rebuilds 5MODEL JF
  • 50 – 115 TONS
  • Compressor Type: Reciprocating
  • Voltages: 200, 230, 380, 460, 575
  • Chiller Model: YCAJ


Compressor rebuilds 6MODEL: PA
  • 50 – 115 Tons
  • Compressor Type: Air Cooled Reciprocating
  • Voltages: 200,230, 380, 460, 575
  • Chiller Model:YCAR


Compressor rebuilds 7MODEL: ZB
  • 20 – 50 Tons
  • Compressor Type: Reciprocating
  • Voltages: 400, 460, 575 @200hz, 400, 460 @ 240hz
  • Chiller Model: YCAZ, YCRZ, YCWZ



Compressor rebuilds 8MODEL: F Style
  • 3, 6 & 9 Cylinder Models
  • Compressor Type: Reciprocating – Open Drive
  • Voltages: n/a
  • Chiller Model: F Series Compressor Units




Compressor rebuilds 9MODEL: RS/RW
  • 4, 6, 8, 12, & 16 Cylinder Models
  • Compressor Type: Reciprocating – Open Drive
  • Voltages: n/a
  • Chiller Model: R Series Compressor Units







ReceivingThe first destination of a returned compressor when it comes off the truck is the receiving dock.


TeardownFrom receiving, the compressor proceeds to our teardown department. In this department every machine is completely disassembled and reviewed for the root cause of failure.


WashingCompressors are then put through one of two parts washing cabinets.


Cleaning systemOnce the parts are completely dry they are then put through our large shot blast cabinet to further remove imperfections that have adhered to the raw parts.



Pre-assemblyOnce the production manager calls for a compressor to be built, the parts are then staged for pre-assembly.




Assembly ProcessAssembly is performed in different cells on the manufacturing line. Each technician in the process is trained, tested, and certified.




Finished AssemblyOnce the assembly process is complete, the compressors are transported to our leak test station.  All parts are inspected and tested to OEM standards.





Leak TestIn our leak test station the compressors are submerged in water tank which is fitted with lighting. The compressors are filled with dry nitrogen to the maximum working pressure (MWP) and inspected for bubbles, which would indicate a leak. Leaks can be found from o-ring glands and gasket surfaces. Even porosity in the casting can be found with underwater testing.



Test PanelFrom our leak test stand the compressor proceeds to our air-run test stand. The compressor is mounted to a table and piped for suction and discharge readings. The unit is electrically tested at the test stand prior to running to validate proper hook-up. In the process, pressure, temperature, oil flow and power consumption are tested and recorded. A report is generated on the parameters of the test, and this test documentation is kept on file at the manufacturing plant.



Vacuum TestEach compressor goes through a two step leak checking process. Earlier the compressor was submerged in water and checked for bubbles, this time the compressor is pulled down into a deep vacuum and held in the vacuum for a stated amount of time. Compressors  that fail to go into a deep vacuum,or rise above the acceptable threshold are sent back for rework. Once the compressor has passed testing, it is filled with 5 psig of dry nitrogen to ensure that no moisture re-enters the compressor.


PaintingCompressors are painted in our in-house paint booth in one of two colors, black or York® Caribbean Blue.



Compressor SkiddedOnce the paint is dry, the compressor is bolted to a shipping skid.





Compressor ready to shipAt this final stage labels have been installed, documentation has been affixed to the compressor, motor leads have been protected and the machine has been banded and wrapped for shipment.