RSR-2222 Commercial / High Pressure

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YORK  Refrigerant Storage/Recycling (RSR) system offers all the features a field service technician needs.  These compact, portable, self-contained units are easy to operate for fast chiller evacuation.  Plus, capacities are AHRI certified to assure performance as specified.  These units are self-contained packages specifically engineered to commercial and industrial applications requiring serviceability.  It consists of a refrigerant compressor, oil separator, storage receiver, heater, water-cooled condenser, filter dryer and necessary valves and hoses to remove, replace and distill CFC and HCFC refrigerants.  All permanently mounted.  The RSR package is permanently mounted or made portable (via swivel casters with lock breaks).

RSR-2222 Commercial / High Pressure
Technical data


  • Refrigerant containment while servicing chiller to prohibit venting & simplify Clean Air Act compliance.
  • Vessel pitched toward receiver drain allowing total liquid removal.
  • YORK “K” Oil Charged.
  • Standard 1-year parts warranty.
  • ASME boiler and pressure vessel code stamped.
  • AHRI certified.

Unit Accessories

  • Unit caster wheels.
  • Eight (8) feet of refrigerant hose with valves.
  • Permanent ball valves for refrigerant serviceability.

Options available beyond features & accessories

Performance chart
RSR-2222 Commercial / High Pressure diagram
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