Warehouse Cooling Systems


When Efficiency is a Priority, You Need a Warehouse Cooling System Plan

When the heat rises in your warehouse, you understand that an efficient cooling system is key for employee productivity and integrity of inventory. With any warehouse, hot air will get trapped in ceilings, so you need an effective cooling method to distribute the temperatures throughout the building. A cooler, more regulated temperature building ensures productivity among employees and ensures that inventory won’t be damaged by high heat and humidity. Let Resolute Industrial’s custom HVAC system keep your employees productive and your inventory safe with our JCI/YORK factory technician-maintained equipment.


Resolute Keeps Your Warehouse Cool and Comfortable

When you’re running a warehouse, there is a lot of focus on the inventory staying intact and employees being comfortable and productive. Don’t add another element of having to worry about constantly maintaining the climate of your warehouse. With Resolute’s cooling system you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll have a reliable warehouse HVAC system that is backed by our team of factory technicians located throughout North America. You can also rest assured that the equipment will arrive problem-free to your warehouse, as we fully check and test the HVAC system before it arrives to you. We can also help you with both short and long term cooling needs in your warehouse, along with planned outages.


Resolute’s Reliable Support Team Will Keep Your Cooling System Up and Running

Our team at Resolute Industrial will work with you to develop a cost-effective cooling system with HVAC and AC support equipment that is customized to your needs. We have strategic locations around North America to best serve your needs and keep your facility climate controlled and productive. Please contact us today to get started customizing a reliable new cooling system for your warehouse.

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